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SPHERE 2017 International Symposium


Momentum² was engaged to promote the SPHERE 2017 International Symposium, manage the media outreach and drive registrations.

To achieve the campaign objectives, we implemented a three-pronged approach which involved:

1. Traditional media outreach
2. Social media engagement
3. Contacting stakeholders

This project involved creating a social media strategy and accounts (LinkedIn and Twitter) for the event, content creation (on the speakers and topics to be covered at the Symposium), post activation and community management. 

Alongside the social media strategy and management, M² conducted interviews with medical and health professionals speaking at the Symposium, to determine potential media angles and opportunities.


Based on the information gathered, M² created tailored pitches which were then sent to targeted media across print, online and broadcast media and spanning major metropolitan news, regional media, local media and specialist media (health newsletters and publications, financial publications, technology media, senior publications, arts media and built environment media).


To drive registrations, we contacted health and medical association newsletters, financial institutions and chartered accountant newsletters and local health district newsletters. 

We also produced copy for several advertisements, including in the Australian Financial Review and liaised with graphic designers and advertising contacts at various media outlets. 


  • To assist with driving registrations for the Symposium – the Committee aimed to have between 400-500 registrations over the two days

  • To create, launch and manage Linkedin and Twitter accounts for the SPHERE Symposium

  • To improve public awareness of SPHERE by arranging media opportunities for key international and Australian speakers


The inaugural Symposium was attended by over 400 guests over the two days, which was in line with the Committee’s KPIs.

The campaign and the Symposium were very successful with M²'s media outreach generating stories across all media platforms including ABC TV News, ABC Radio National Life Matters, ABC Radio Sydney, The Senior, SBS German Radio, ABC TV Weekend Breakfast and Generosity Magazine.

Examples of some media releases and coverage

Nov 24, 2017


Professor Evelyne de Leeuw speaks with Wolfgang Mueller.

Nov 22, 2017

ABC Radio National - Life Matters

Michael Mackenzie interviews Professor Mark Parsons.

Nov 21, 2017

ABC TV - News Breakfast

Professor Evelyne de Leeuw featured on ABC News Breakfast to encourage transforming pre existing major cities.

Nov 14, 2017


Professor Lisa Jackson Pulver spoke to Generosity Magazine about our healthcare system needing systemic change.

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