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Momentum² was appointed by Shackleton Epic to manage media, marketing and stakeholder relations for the expedition, the official centenary reenactment of Shackleton’s legendary Antarctic voyage.


In January 2013, renowned explorer and environmental scientist Tim Jarvis AM led a successful re-enactment of Sir Ernest Shackleton’s 1916 feat – sailing a small wooden boat, Alexandra Shackleton, a replica of Shackleton’s original 22.5’ (6.9m) whaler the James Caird , from Elephant Island, off the tip of the Antarctic Peninsula, 800 miles across the Southern Ocean to South Georgia and scaling its peaks.


The Shackleton Epic was officially announced on Sunday 18 March 2012 in Dorset, UK to coincide with the naming ceremony for the expedition boat, the Alexandra Shackleton, an exact replica of Shackleton’s original whaler, the James Caird.


The Shackleton Epic was the first ever expedition to authentically replicate the most treacherous legs of Shackleton’s adventure using only 1916 technology, food and equipment.


The only concession to the use of period equipment was the storage of modern emergency equipment on board. Jarvis was accompanied on the expedition by a dedicated crew of sailing and climbing experts including WO2 Barry Gray RM and Petty Officer Seb Coulthard RN.


The Shackleton Epic expedition combined the mission of exploration with protection of the Antarctic and the marine environment and raised funds for this cause.


The story of Sir Ernest Shackleton’s historic trip and Tim Jarvis’ authentic reenactment captured the imagination of people around the world. The expedition and Shackleton’s centenary activities were promoted from 2012-2016 via global media coverage, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and the Shackleton Epic website:

Momentum² was engaged by ABC Books/Harper Collins Publishers Australia to publicise and promote Shackleton’s Epic: Recreating the World’s Greatest Journey of Survival throughout September, October and November 2013.


Agency founder Kim McKay and PR Coordinator Biarta Parnham worked on the project to ensure the book’s release received maximum coverage and that it leveraged the opportunity of the SBS ONE Documentary series Shackleton: Death or Glory, which premiered on Saturday 23 November.

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