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Environmental Upgrade Agreement Event

Unlock Your Building's Potential


In 2013, Momentum²  and the City of Parramatta organised a luncheon panel discussion event on Environmental Upgrade Agreements (EUA). The City of Parramatta was the first council in NSW to sign an EUA and this was the first such event held. Guest speakers including the former Premier of South Australia, the Hon Mike Rann in his capacity as Chairman of Low Carbon Australia (LCAL) (later to become the Clean Energy Finance Corporation).


  • To improve awareness of funding programs and finance products available in Parramatta for the commercial property sector

  • To promote the benefits of EUAs to tenants and building owners in Parramatta

  • To build relationships between Low Carbon Australia and the various partners involved in the event including Parramatta City Council (PCC), Western Sydney First, NSW Business Chamber and the Australian Property Institute

  • To provide a networking opportunity at a senior level with the Parramatta business community

  • To obtain local and state media coverage of activities being undertaken with LCAL and PCC



  • The event provided an opportunity for PCC and LCAL to work collaboratively with Western Sydney First and the NSW Business Chamber

  • Local media coverage was obtained regarding EUA opportunities in the area

  • There was a wide range of local businesses in attendance

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