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Council Events - EUA Luncheon Event and Panel Discussion


Following on from the very successful Parramatta Environmental Upgrade Agreement (EUA) luncheon in October 2013, North Sydney Council (NSC) decided to host a similar event which was organised by Momentum² in collaboration with the Council. We enjoyed excellent collaboration with NSC, in particular with Cecilia Kemp, EUA Coordinator for whom the event was the catalyst for her to start building a database of targets and key stakeholders.

The third partner in the event was the NSW Business Chamber whose headquarters are in North Sydney.


  • To promote the awareness of EUAs in North Sydney area

  • To strengthen stakeholder engagement with stakeholders in the North Sydney

  • To provide an opportunity for networking across industry sectors



The event successfully provided a forum for improving awareness of EUAs and the opportunities that exist for them in the NSC area. The audience was able to discuss the financial implications of building upgrade improvements using EUAs. NSC was able to reinforce the importance of the NSC local government area as part of the Sydney CBD and encourage investment. The event strengthened engagement with stakeholders for NSC and uplifted the profile of EUAs. It also provided an opportunity for the attendees to network with a cross range of guests who were not necessarily from their own sector of activity. As a result of the event, NSC obtained an expanded database of potential clients and stakeholders.

A second and similar event was also held for stakeholders at Northside Conference Centre in Crows Nest.

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