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Content Creation and Communication Strategies


Momentum² was proud to be able to provide strategic consulting to the Karrkad-Kandji Trust based in West Arnhem Land. The trust is a conservation trust fund which was established to secure both people and landscape and to provide a template which others in Australia can follow.

As part of this consultancy, we worked closely with the traditional owners and advisers of the Warrdeken and Dejlk Indigenous Protected Areas to create a new business plan.  In addition, we created content for a revised version of the website which aligned with this business plan.

After the content had been reviewed and approved, Momentum² published it on the site and uploaded additional images and other design elements and interviews which we had undertaken with community members. Momentum² also reviewed existing communication assets and the communication strategy going forward. We wrote copy for the newsletter and material for a sponsorship function which was held in Sydney.

Examples of some media releases and coverage

Oct 31, 2014

Karrkad-Kanjdji Trust

Karrkad-Kanjdji Trust Newletter

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