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Advice, Research and Fixing


Lyn Tuit, Momentum²’s Principal, has worked on many French film and television productions, both in France and in Australia. A fluent French speaker, Lyn worked with renowned French production house, Bonne Pioche on a documentary film on the Ikuntji community in the Northern Territory.

The project involved researching Aboriginal art communities to locate a suitable community which was prepared to collaborate with the program’s presenter who was an artist himself.  This proved to be a difficult task for a number of reasons, including the logistics involved in housing a small crew in a very remote location.

Momentum² researched and provided strategic advice on the documentary as well as handling the fixing. 

The second documentary filmed for Bonne Pioche including an in-depth look at street art in Melbourne and Sydney. Momentum² also handled all the arrangements for this program which included well-known street artist Reko Rennie. 

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