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International Particle Accelerator Conference 2019

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Momentum2 was engaged by ANSTO to support the IPAC Local Organising Committee in driving increased awareness of nuclear science and technology for both consumer and industry sectors. A combination of targeted earned media outreach and social media content was used in the lead up and throughout the 10th Annual International Particle Accelerator Conference in Melbourne in May 2019.


We developed a targeted media and social media strategy that was pre-approved by the committee. The social media strategy included Twitter posts during the three days of the conference and various LinkedIn posts to generate awareness and a clearer understanding of the nuclear science field in the wider community. Throughout the conference M2 recorded significant sessions and speakers and live tweeted and engaged with the accelerator science community online.


Throughout the week-long conference more than 33,000 engagements were generated, including retweets, replies, mentions and followers. In total, we achieved an engagement rate of 2.2%. Additionally, stories were secured with ABC Radio Melbourne’s Evenings with David Astle and a story in Xinhua News.


  • Increase awareness among the general public and government stakeholders of researchers’ investigations and potential outcomes for modern society

  • Create ‘buzz’ around the IPAC conference across various media channels and leverage ANSTO’s Twitter audience to generate engagement and discussion at the event to target the science community in Australia and around the world

  • Presenting the research and potential outcomes for modern society from various fields in nuclear science



Our media strategies were successful in generating coverage about the IPAC conference and building awareness on the benefits of nuclear science and particle accelerators. Key science, environmental and medical writers across mainstream and trade media were targeted and resulted in coverage including an interview with Dr Susie Sheehy on ABC Radio Melbourne’s Evenings with David Astle, and a story on Xinhua News. The social media aspect was extremely successful as well, strengthening the presence of ANSTO on Twitter and LinkedIn. Our contribution resulted in a substantial number of Twitter impressions and over 33,000 engagements, ranging from tweets, mentions and followers and overall achieved an engagement rate of 2.2%.

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