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Global Australian Awards and Summit 2015


Momentum² managed the Advance Global Australian Leadership Summit and Awards for 2015 at the Sydney Opera House on September 14, 2015. 

The two events were designed to celebrate the achievements of Australians who have excelled overseas in the global community across many fields. These fields were diverse and included innovation and science, design and manufacturing, sport, commercial creativity, social impact, finance, clean technology and food and agriculture. 


  • To acknowledge and celebrate Australians living overseas who exhibit remarkable talent, exceptional vision and ambition 

  • To promote discussion about trends in industry such as innovation, technology and creativity

  • To highlight the opportunities surrounding corporate social responsibility and ‘Global Australians Doing Global Good’



Both the Summit and Awards events were well attended and provided an excellent forum for discussion and networking. 
The events also provided an opportunity for showcasing Australian talent to media, companies and other organisations. 
There was an excellent response to the gala dinner with a waitlist of people wishing to attend. 

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