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2016 National Biofuels Symposium


With support from the Queensland Government, The Biofuels Association of Australia (BAA) organised the National Biofuels Symposium 2016 which was held on 22-23 August in Brisbane, Australia.
Momentum² was engaged to create a database of potential invitees, including ministers, councillors, leaders of industry and other key stakeholder groups, such as personnel at airports and in the aviation sector. We were also responsible for inviting key media and facilitating interviews with the CEO of the BAA, Mark Sutton. 

The Symposium, held in Brisbane, was a landmark industry gathering following on from the Queensland Government’s release of its detailed plan for the bioenergy sector with biofuels as a major plank.

Key themes covered included:


  • The Queensland biofuels mandate – what does it mean for the industry?

  • Developing and growing a bio-economy

  • Biofuels and the aviation sector

  • Ethanol plant production

  • Bio-diesel and a cleaner environment

  • Education and public awareness

  • New biofuel technology

  • Biofuel and developing a sustainable agriculture industry


  • To boost attendance at the National Biofuels Symposium

  • To raise the profile of the BAA and position the Symposium as an important forum for biofuels, aviation industry members and government to attend

  • To highlight the developments in the biofuels sector across different industries



The National Biofuels Symposium was well-attended over the two days, providing an excellent forum for discussion about the developments in the biofuels industry.  Momentum² organised several interviews for Mark Sutton, CEO of BAA, including with Footprint (formally CE Daily), ABC NSW Rural Country Hour, Courier Mail, ABC Radio Far North QLD, ABC Radio Southern QLD, Sustainability Matters, Aviation Business Magazine, Eco-generation, QLD Farmer’s Federation and Energy Business News.  

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